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Comprehensive Fire Safety Training Courses

The “Fire Industry Training Academy” was founded to create a positive long-lasting legacy, raising the standard of workmanship, competency and certification of personnel working within fire and safety.

Here at the FITA “Centre of Excellence” we provide pathways for all learners; teaching, mentoring, nurturing, and encouraging a clear understanding of legislation and standards, to allow employers to have peace of mind when their employees are FITA trained and are ready to face the challenges of the modern building environment.

There is no compromise in our promise to deliver outstanding service and give learners clear direction in the role they play in raising the bar.

With a “hands on” approach to learning, we will ensure the workforce of the future has the knowledge and skills that it needs to excel, and through partnerships with employers and colleges, give learners practical on site experience as an integral part of their leaning cycle.

Calling on over 70 years of fire industry experience here at FITA, it is evident that there is a severe shortage of skilled labour, lack of competency and meaningful certification in the fire safety industry, and with the industry being brought under the spotlight like never before, it’s time for those responsible for training to wake up to the ever-increasing need for proof of competency.

“Training may seem like an expensive luxury, but is lack of training a luxury you can afford?”

We are here to facilitate the rise of a new generation of fire safety technicians, giving confidence that tomorrow will be a safer place, “No Compromise”.

Our Latest Courses

Passive Fire Protection

Basic Electrical Safety & Safe Isolation

Fixed Extinguishing Systems Service & Maintenance

Requirements for Emergency Lighting BS5266


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The Fire Industry Training Academy (FITA) is a team made up of highly experienced individuals who are encouraged and committed to improving competency within the fire and safety industry.
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